How To Sell to Retailers - Live Event

Las Vegas, January 27-30, 2023

FOUR DAYS of in-person training by seasoned retail professionals, plus one of the biggest Product Show for Retailers in the world  


Customers do not care about the artificial ‘battle’ between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores. You shouldn’t either. Customers want products available online AND in stores!

As of Q4 2022, almost 9 out of 10 consumer products are bought IN STORES. (Source: Department of Commerce.)

If you are serious about making profits, then you want to sell your products EVERYWHERE that customers shop.

Perfect for Amazon Sellers looking to expand into Retailers

No need to give up Amazon - The smart strategy is to INCREASE your sales channels to INCLUDE Retailers

Retail is exploding

The Retail industry is back, and In-Store sales are stronger than ever

According to the US Department of Commerce, last year, retail sales totaled $6.6 trillion.  At the same time, ecommerce market share been decreasing since it peaked at the height of the Covid bubble.

The numbers:

  • In 2022, brick and mortar sales accounted for 87.6% of retail sales.
  • In 2022, Amazon accounted for 5% of retail sales. 
  • In 2021 In-Store sales grew faster than all of ecommerce (Amazon, Shopify,, and all other ecommerce COMBINED) for the first time ever.

Curious about how much more you can make by including in-store retail to your sales channels?  

Click here and I'll personally review an excel worksheet with your products and see what your potential sales can be.


Take Your Business To The Next Level

This four day program starts with two days of in-person classroom training followed by a day touring and learning about the Las Vegas Mart.  

You will have an unprecedented chance to learn what it takes to exhibit and sell to independent retailers, gift stores, boutiques, specialty stores, home décor stores, holiday stores, and more. 

The Las Vegas Market is where Small Retailers purchase the majority of products they sell in their stores throughout the year.  

You will learn their needs. You'll learn about store merchandising, packaging design for shelf impact, line introductions for optimal merchandising, and insider secrets to increase sales to customers and retailers. Learn about agencies, showrooms, and sales reps. And see, in-person, how technology can be used to put your products in front retailers. 

This workshop is an opportunity to kickstart your product-based business. Perfect if you want to expand beyond Amazon or get your invention onto store shelves.  

There is nowhere better to learn about selling to retailers than the world’s largest retailer event.  Not only will you learn skills, you will also see first-hand how to present in front of over 40,000 retailers and build a sales force to sell your product.


Learn the ins-and-outs of selling to Independent Retailers, Specialty Stores, Gift Shops and Boutiques from experienced professionals and extraordinary special guests.

[click for course curriculum]

Steven Selikoff is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Product Development Academy and author of The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing & Sales. He has been selling products to Retailers since 2001. 

If you want the joy of entering a store, walking down and aisle, and seeing YOUR product on the shelf, then you owe it to yourself to be here.

The Las Vegas Market is the premier exhibition for furniture, gift, houseware, boutique, niche, and décor products. It is open year long (to the retailer industry only), but dramatically expands during January Market Week

Most people already know that  I sell products too, and I have been doing so since 2001. During one of the very first Marts I was ever part of, I personally made over a year's worth of sales in in four days.  I will show you how I did it.

I will teach you the processes, the tricks and the techniques. Then together,  at the show, we will observe and analyze multiple brands and agencies, so that you can be super successful on the day that you start selling your products here too. 

Attendees at our previous events consistently say that the How To Sell To Retailers workshop has changed their lives.

Previous Workshops:

The two biggest Retailer Marts are held twice a year,  in Atlanta  and Las Vegas. These are not tradeshows. They are gigantic multi-building complexes built to give retailers the best opportunity to see and buy products for their stores. This is where most CPG stores go to look for products to put on their shelves.

Often people consider the Canton Fair in China as the sourcing end of the process, and consider the Retailer Marts in Atlanta and Las Vegas as the Sales end of the process.

Here are some comments from participants in one of our previous workshop in Las Vegas, in January 2022.

You Will Learn:

  • Strengths of Small Retailers, Big Box Retailers, and Online
  • Pitching to Retailers
  • Decision Makers
  • Margins, Keystoning, and Getting Paid
  • What are Retailer’s needs? 
  • Inventory and Fulfilment
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • In-Person Sales
  • Market Shows
  • Showrooms
  • Agencies
  • Sales Reps, Commissions,
  • Building and Managing your Sales Force
  • Online Platforms
  • Your Wholesale Website
  • Direct Sales
  • Marketing
  • Collateral
  • Catalog strategies
  • Small Retailer Technology
  • Scaling from Small Retailers to Big Box
  • Product Appeal and Packaging
  • Case Packs and PDQs
  • Insider Secrets for Increasing Sales
  • Displays
  • “Free at Retail” calculations
  • Assortments
  • Power Words
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Increasing re-orders
  • Show Specials
  • Sales Bonuses
  • Scaling your business with products
  • Future Testing
  • What’s next for Retailers?

retail therapy still rules

In-store Retail is 87% of the Retail Market

In-store retail is the natural next step for Amazon Sellers.

It's easier and larger than Amazon.  When you sell to retailers, you don't have  surprise suspensions, black hat competitors, exorbitant PPC, and ever-changing rules. 

According to the US Department of Commerce, almost 9 out of 10 (87.6%) of all products are bought at in-store retailers.  

Shoppers love the in-store experience. If you are serious about your product-based company, then you want your brand in front of customers wherever and whenever they shop.

PRICE:  $2,299 (until December 27. Early registration discount)


It's Worth It.

Amazon knows that brick-and-mortar is its future and it is striving to do it right.

If Amazon is investing in brick-and-mortar for growth, then YOU SHOULD TOO.

PRICE:  $2,299 (until December 27. Early registration discount)

Additional Notes:

  • Regular Price of Workshop is $3,499. Early registration discount is good until December 18, 2022 only.
  • Due to the concierge  style of the workshop, space is limited. 
  • The Mart is not open to the public. We will pay fees and provide industry registration for all participants.
  • The Mart continues through February 2, 2023. We encourage everybody to attend additional days after the workshop to fully explore the Mart. We will be available to accompany you and provide guidance through January 31. 
  • Hotel rooms available at discount rate. 
  • Program does not include transportation to or from Las Vegas, does not include hotel rooms, and does not include meals other than program specific. 


Join Us in Las Vegas and Learn How to Take Your Product Sales to the Next Level