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Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Experienced, dedicated, and patient mentor...

"Steven is an experienced, dedicated and patient mentor. He provides the utmost support and encouragement at all times. His experience is invaluable, and he shares whatever is required to help you succeed. He is an exceptionally caring person, so giving of his time. I feel so fortunate to have Steven's assistance as a pinnacle part of my business development process. He is a true gem."

Rachelle T.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Given me so much confidence...

"Steven is passionate about helping others to succeed and create new lives for themselves. I have found him to be a man of tremendous integrity and honesty. Steven possesses a vast wealth of knowledge on all aspects of selling into retail. I am glad to have him supporting me on my journey into retail as he has given me so much confidence that I will succeed."

Peter A


Skills for a lifetime...

"He cares for us entrepreneurs and is going out of his way to help and give us the best support out there. I’ve learned from him the skills for a lifetime! He wants us to succeed."

Ana Marie D.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Cost Reduction of 61.5%

"Steven has helped me at every stage. He has taught me you can save a lot of money by doing things correctly from the onset.

Last year I was fortunate enough to have Steven teach me negotiations with my supplier during the Canton Fair. Due to what he taught me in negotiations, I was able to reduce my cost from $18.79 to $7.24, a reduction of 61.5%.

He has continued to guide me and mentor me. I look forward to launching soon. LEGEND!"

Lou G.


Comments on COACHING

I would not hesitate to recommend Steven for your projects

"Navigating through a sea of Chinese manufacturers can be overwhelming. Steven went above and beyond at helping me deal with agreements and provided valuable advice. Steven is always available to answer questions; and I mean it; he has advising hours even for those living overseas!"

Damaris A.


The Best

"He is the best...  There is nothing [else] like Steven's course. The One-on-One attention, the attention to detail... Nobody [else] will give that to you.

He doesn't bluff (like most gurus.) He tells you what it is. You will NOT be disappointed."

Zarghona G.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program


"Having Steven as my mentor has been an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. His wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in helping entrepreneurs to succeed is just priceless."

Kylie P.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Removed a ton of risk ... saved a ton of money

"Couldn't write my notes quick enough, the wisdom imparted over our short call removed a ton of risk from the manufacturing process, saved a ton of money, increased my businesses credibility with suppliers and negotiation power, and generally increased the professionalism and standards in how I operate my business by tenfold. Cant thank Steven enough for his help.

If anyone gets the opportunity to chat with Steven I would seriously recommend it."

C. F.

Support Is Highly Personalized

"It has enabled us to head down the road to making unique products, and establishing a business with genuine value."

Patricia  H.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

The 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses

"The methods taught by Steven are totally different from the techniques taught by other similar programs and FBA; and in my experience are identical to the ones I have learned during my MBA course and implemented while preparing my dissertation thesis.

We are happy to say that Steven's Product Development Academy is the 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses."

Sam B.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Best investment you'll ever make

"Steven Selikoff is the real deal. His years of experience developing products and nurturing contacts in China are invaluable. He's a fantastic and patient teacher. Steven gives you the courage to dream big and all the tools you need to succeed.

I enthusiastically recommend any opportunity you might have to learn from him. It's the best investment you'll ever make."

Carol P


Saved us so much money

"Every mistake we didn't make was dollars in my pocket.

If you need someone who is truly genuine and who has been there and done that, then Steve's your man."

Lou G.


Comments on CONCIERGE Program

Can ask whatever we need help with, be supported and helped...

"It is so great to be part of the Product Development Academy!

One unique product in prototype, soon to be manufactured and 2 other unique products in design phase! One has utility patent pending and the other two will have patents as well!

I cannot believe we have only been with you Steven for 5 months!! Instead of being informed by Amazon gurus that we need to conform, need to only ask “intelligent” questions, be moderated to what we can post on FB, we now can ask whatever we need help with, be supported and helped with every question we have and know that if Steven does not know the answer he are happy to direct us to someone who will!!"

Jae B.


Comments on the BOOK

Actionable information

"I just found out about your book a couple of days ago and bought it right away. Got it yesterday and read late into the night.

It's just awesome! Actionable information how to progress in developing and selling own products.

I just hope the paper back can handle all the abuse as this book will be my bible from now on. I started developing my own products some time ago and in many ways thanks to your posts on FB, I can now send you a picture with stock of my products on the background.

Thanks to your book, I will speed up and structure my product development business."

Henry T.  


Comments on the BOOK

If you sell products, you need to read this book

"If you're like me, as an entrepreneur, you sometimes feel like you're going at it alone. There aren't many people that understand the problems we face. There are even fewer people that will go out of their way to help you learn to navigate the environment we operate in.

So, what do we typically do? We learn our lessons the hard way - wasting precious time and capital (not to mention mental health) coming up with solutions to problems that have already been solved.

This book breaks that trend and does something different. It explains nearly all of the common issues we face in a simple how-to approach. Saying I wish I read it ten years ago doesn't do it justice. Reading it sooner would have saved years in my business life, and likely prevented some of the problems I faced that resulted in laying people off, closing warehouses, etc. That's not an overstatement.

For me, this book acts as the operations section of my business plan. It's great as a reference for expansion and for training new employees.

Thank you, Steven, for writing down what most consultants haven't even learned!"

G7 Power 

Comments on MENTORSHIP

The best feeling is when store owners reorder. I know their customers love me.

"He made it easy to get into retail stores and be profitable. Store owners were excited when they saw my product. Selling was easy because I already knew customers wanted to buy."



Comments on COACHING

Knows every piece and part of the Product Development process

"Steven knows every piece and part of the Product Development process from ideation to manufacturing to marketing to sales. Steven and his team are all very accessible and easy to talk to. His entire team gets tremendous joy out of helping others succeed"