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Attorney in China

Richard Zhang


General Conditions Agreement


Trademark in China

Patent in China

NDA and Non-Compete

(Example for reference purposes only)

Product Evaluation Checklist

SWOT template

Ask for Meghla Bhardwaj

Vietnam Sourcing

Connecting people with Vietnamese suppliers

Ask for Jim Kennemer

Host of the podcast:

On The Shelf 

Email and contact names for Retail Buyers

Salesman’s Guide

to find Buyer’s Names

Email and contact names for Retail Buyers

Chain Store Guide

to find Buyer’s Names

Package and Brand Designer

Maddie Clare

Latest Trends in Social Media 

Social Media Consultant

TikTok and LinkedIn Superstar

United States trademark and Patent Office


Site to Register and Research Trademarks and Patents

USPTO video

3PL Freight Forwarders

Changfan International

RTW Logistics

3PL provider including logistics and warehousing in the US


Trusted providers of Amazon Services and Training

Amazon Seller University and Resources

Amazon's own introduction and training


Amazon Product Research 

Validation for Amazon

Amazon Shipping Optimisation


The best customer driven program available.

Incrementum Digital

Amazon PPC Training

Liran Hirshkorn

(mention Product Development Academy and get $500 off)

Kindra Martinenko

Personalized Amazon Review and 

Launching Unique Products