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Selling your product B2B through RETAILERS can grow revenue  as much as 1000X greater than your revenue on Amazon, and change your life!

But the most critical part of making big money from products begins way before sales. That's where our training starts. At the very beginning. And it ends with products in the stores.

We teach you. Step-by-step. 

  1. 1
    You MUST start with the right product. It should be unique, profitable, and have proven customer demand.  You will learn product evaluation and use decision gates to increase probability of success
  2. 2
    Manufacturing should be at the best price while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines. You will learn how to source, how to negotiate, and how to manage your factory remotely. (Very important during covid-19 travel restrictions.)
  3. 3
    Packaging needs to be optimized for sales, maximum shelf impact, product protection, and warehouse efficiency.  You will create compelling packaging and branding that speaks to the customer.
  4. 4
    You will learn 'Sell-To' and 'Sell-Through' marketing to build brand awareness, educate customers, and drive sales. You are in the big leagues - marketing is much more than targeted Facebook ads and building a mailing list.
  5. 5
    You will learn how to sell beyond online platforms to sell to in-store retailers from independents to big box stores. We'll show you how to build your own sales force, how to get in front of buyers, how to sell to US retailers when living halfway around the world, and we'll prepare you to handle logistics from ASN's to EDI connectivity. Doing it all with proven methodology.

You will learn everything about starting and building a product-based business. From identifying winning products to getting onto retail shelves. Over 50 hours of classwork in a small-sized class, filled with details you will not find anywhere else. No gimmicks, no hollow boasting. Real actionable information.

Are you looking to build a product based business? Allow me to tell you about the program. Let's chat. No pressure. No sales. Click here.

Hello, I'm Steven Selikoff. 

I am a product guy. My products have been sold online, in catalogs, and in retailers. They have been featured by the Today Show, Forbes, Paris Vogue, Good Morning America, and even included in the gift bags at the Oscars. 

I LOVE developing and selling products - and I would love to help YOU build and succeed with a product-based business that you too will love, and that will change your life as well. 

The information you will learn in this program is different than any other course available.

We offer Three Options to take you to the next step in your career.


Lock in current price with a deposit.

Personal Mentorship

(Price increases to $8,600 after October 29)

Let's develop your product together.

Six month dedicated one-on-one weekly sessions, PLUS the Masterclass. 

The ultimate in accountability and fast track success.

(For people who already have an invention or new product idea.)

Together we take your product or invention every step to ensure profitability, quality manufacturing, and putting you in front of buyers. - giving you the best chance for success.

This program requires prior approval 


(Price increases to $5,500 after October 29)

Concierge program providing a combination of online classes, videos, 1:1 coaching, and individualized attention while learning in a supportive family of fellow entrepreneurs.

- Additional Courseware not included in book
- Fourteen weeks of classroom sessions
- Fourteen weeks of videos
- Learning Plan
- Interviews with experts and industry leaders
- Homework and assignments
- Case Studies
- Product Review and Evaluation
- Access to our networks of professionals
- Help with prototyping and sourcing
- Discounts on professional support services

Current price can be locked in with $1,200 deposit. 

(Balance due 45 days)

Coaching Session

(Price increases to $150 after October 29)

55 minute personalized 1:1 coaching session.

- Need help with one of the topics in the book?
- Do you want to know if you are ready for retail?
- Need a product assessment?

- Want to bring an invention to market?
- Have you been contacted by a retailer or distributor?
- Do you need better pricing?

Coaching sessions include Product Differentiation, Customer Validation, Sourcing From China, Negotiation, Managing Factories, Sales to Retailers, Remote Factory Management, Finding Unique Products, and much much more.

Want to know more?

Here are some questions that other people have asked.

Is in-store retail very expensive? Doesn't FBA cost less.  

No. That is a myth. It costs the same as FBA to start.

We teach you how to source at a 7X to 10X minimum multiplier. That means your product is 1/7 to 1/10 the retail price. (In comparison, most FBA courses teach you to source at 1/3 of retail price.)

We teach you how to negotiate terms so that you pay a small amount such as 15%, upfront and the balance 60 days after BOL. (Most FBA courses teach you to pay 30% upfront and 70% upon completion.) 

And since you won't have to do Amazon giveaways and expensive PPC, the start up costs may often be less than Amazon FBA.

Don’t worry if finance is the same as Greek to you, (I went to the top business school in the US and I still hate accounting) we have training that anyone can easily understand.

The bottom line is that the cost of selling to in-store retailers is no more than Amazon, and in many situations, lower in cost and easier to pay for.

And, in anticipation of when you grow large enough to get million-dollar purchase orders and need to pay for inventory, we teach methods to finance your product stock.

Don't worry. We won't let you face the price of success without training.

Is in-store retail riskier than FBA?

No. That is a myth.

Amazon FBA allows any person to list any item for sale. In contrast, when you sell to through in-store retailers, the corporate buyer or store manager must choose to carry your product. Some people are confused and think that means in-store retail is riskier because buyers and managers may say no.

It is true that they might say no, but that makes in-store retail LESS risky.

Just because an item can be listed on Amazon does not mean that it will sell well. On the other hand, if a manager or buyer decides to sell your product, it means that in their professional opinion, your product has a good chance of making money. It’s like they bet on your success and have given you the seal of approval.

Amazon FBA suggests that it is less risky because you copy a product that has proven sales success. However, the risk of FBA does not lie in the product. The risk lies in the number of competitors all selling the same product that you choose. Look in any Facebook group. Seller after Seller bemoans products that seemed good when they looked at the tools, but by the time they receive product the category has become saturated. Or worse, there aren’t many competitors but the sales are low and/or the profits are minimal.

We focus on unique products without competitors. 

That is why the choice of product is critical. And that is why we say that success begins long before the sale.

We work with you from the beginning and put your product concepts through evaluations and phase-gates (just like Apple) to ensure that your product will have proven customer demand and objective data before you invest any money in production. When you reach the point of sales, we do everything we can to ensure that your product will be wanted by store managers, buyers, and most importantly, customers!

Our goal, from the very beginning, is for you to make money. Not just to rush any available product into an online listing.

What is the difference from FBA?

The primary difference is the business model.

Amazon FBA is based on finding a successful product that someone else is selling, copying that product (perhaps modifying it slightly) and attracting a percentage of the original product’s customer base into buying your version instead.

As many Sellers already know, the tools aren’t always accurate, the category may become saturated with competitors, and the only control you have over price is to lower it. Amazon FBA is often described as the copy-cat model or the me-too method.

Our business model is to develop and sell unique products with proven customer demand and high profitability.  This is the business model Peter Theil describes in Zero to One, and Seth Godin writes about in Purple Cow.

This allows you to build a brand, sell on Amazon without competition, control your price, and open up opportunities to sell to in-store retailers from specialty retailers to big box stores.

Isn't Amazon the largest retailer in the world? 


In the US, Walmart is the largest retailer. Amazon is number two, followed by Walgreens, Costco, Kroger, CVS, Home Depot and others.

Sure, many gurus selling Amazon courses scream that Amazon is 60% of retail (or more) but Jeff Bezos recently testified in from of Congress and in sworn testimony he declared that Amazon accounts for only 4% of the US retail market. (This is an increase from April 2019 when he sent a "correction" about market share to his investors. )

The gurus do not want you to know that, but you can Google his testimony and watch it.

What is the program structure?

The Masterclass covers fourteen weeks of videos plus weekly classroom sessions where we will discuss your progress, answer questions and roundtable with other entrepreneurs. Because the course pace is up to you, you can progress through the fourteen weeks at a faster, or slower, pace if you prefer.

You will learn how to identify unique winning products, validate customer demand, ensure profitability, design and engineer your product, identify factories, negotiate effectively, manage your factories remotely, and protect your business IP, establish supply chain / logistics, and build sales across all channels including independent retailers, chains and big box stores.

What is the curriculum?

One of the most frequently heard comments from students is that Product Development Academy fills in all the knowledge gaps that people did not even realize that they had.  We are enormously proud of that and would love to list all the topics we cover. Unfortunately, we can’t.  There are just too many.

So here is the next best thing.  A poster.

Click on the image to download a poster but be aware. As huge as it is, the poster lists less than half of the topics  we cover.

What happens when the program is over?

You do not have to leave.

The classwork portion of Product Development Academy Masterclass lasts 14 weeks, but your involvement continues as long as you need it, and as you develop your business.

You are welcome to continue attending classroom sessions either as a regular visitor, or an occasional drop-in.  The support will continue. There is no additional charge.

All I ask is that you respect that my primary focus will be on the current students until everybody’s questions are answered. Then after the current students are addressed, I will continue with alumni.

Once you join you are part of the family.

Who is the Product Development Academy team?

The core team is myself and my two mentors; Tim Bush, and Dave Vaillancourt. Between us we have over sixty years’ experience creating and selling unique products.

We also have interviews from trusted professionals and top experts - some of which have been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, and the BBC, as well as recognized specialists you may already know.

I am new. Is this program for me?

I have a very interesting hobby. I blow glass.  I am not very good but I have a very patient instructor.  He enjoys teaching new glassblowers because, as he explains it, “they do not come to class with any bad habits, misinformation, or f-cked up shortcuts.”

I feel the same way. I love new students. You come to eager to learn, and with no bad habits or other problems.


I am an inventor. Is this program right for me?

The program is perfect for you.

Inventions and innovation is a risk. Risk can be, and should be, minimized or mitigated. You will learn to minimize risk with phase gates, DVT, EVT, and PVT, as well as advice from globally recognized experts.

Besides teaching you about manufacturing and sales, we also teach validation processes, profitability, IP protection (more than just a patent) and of course, marketing and sales. All of these decrease the risk you face as an inventor.

As an inventor you start the program with an idea and possibly a prototype. The validation process then allows you to objectively evaluate your concept and determine if it is viable and profitable. 

You can then progress with your product, learning about IP protection (there is more than just a patent) and bring your product to market. At that point you can decide if you want to invest in the sales and marketing of your invention, or if you want to license it. The advantage you will have when licensing after having proof of sales, is that many companies who would have ignored you will now be eager to meet with you. In addition, when you have proof of sales, the amount offered for licensing can be 10 to 100 times higher.

Does this work with FBA?

They are completely different, and you do NOT need to give up one for the other.

Many participants have taken FBA courses, or are in the middle of, an Amazon FBA courses.  The important thing is, 

The methodologies are different, and the business models are different. But the skills you will learn in Product Development Academy will help build success in the me-too Amazon methods.

One program is steak, and the other is fish. You can enjoy one, the other, or both.

Why is the program so expensive?

The course is expensive because it is worth it. We teach you to develop unique products and price them appropriately based on customer value. The price of this course is based on the same basis.  

  • The course is unique. There is NOTHING like this course.)
  • The value of the education and personal attention is very high.
  • The quantity (number of active students) is purposely kept very low.

We rarely offer discounts. However, the current price can always be locked in with a deposit, and the price at the time of deposit will be honored even of the publicly available price increases. 

I hope you join us.

Do I need an NDA?

Every member has to sign a mutual NDA. 

You can share your product details in the group if you wish, or keep the information to yourself. It is your choice.  If anyone shares confidential information within the group, it is protected. The same applies to information that you may talk about.

Is there a China Trip?

Details of the China trip will be posted after the covid travel restrictions are lifted. 

The trip will be in conjunction with the Canton Fair, and will focus on sourcing manufacturers and factories, not sourcing products for Amazon FBA. This provides a different approach to attending the Canton Fair which may be new to people who have attended in the past.

This gives us a different perspective and some very cool opportunities. I don't want to give away secrets, but our trip will be unlike any other China Trip offered. 

If you are interested attending the Canton Fair as an Amazon Seller, and would like to attend with a group, I highly recommend joining an Amazon FBA centric trip such as the well known and very successful China Magic Trip.

Can I see excerpts from classes, meet the mentors and experts?
Read Some Testimonials - Real stories from Real students


"Having Steven as my mentor has been an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.  His wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in helping entrepreneurs to succeed is just priceless."

Kylie P.  //  Australia

The 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses

"The validation methods taught by Steven are totally different from the techniques taught by other similar programs and FBA; and in my experience are identical to the ones I have learned during my MBA course and implemented while preparing my dissertation thesis.

We are happy to say that Steven's Product Development Academy is the 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses."

Sam B  //  Designer

Best investment you'll ever make

"Steven Selikoff is the real deal.  His years of experience developing products and nurturing contacts in China are invaluable.  He's a fantastic and patient teacher. Steven gives you the courage to dream big and all the tools you need to succeed.  I enthusiastically recommend any opportunity you might have to learn from him.  It's the best investment you'll ever make."

Carol P  //  USA