In the US, Amazon is only 5% of the retail market. *

* Source: US Department of Commerce, Amazon Shareholder Reports

If you want to sell to the the other 95%...

...then open your eyes to doing things differently. 


"The methods taught by Steven are totally different from the techniques taught by other similar programs and FBA; and in my experience are identical to the ones I have learned during my MBA course and implemented while preparing my dissertation thesis."

-- Sam B


Retailers Buy PRODUCTS not keywords.

Members are selling in these retailers or in/had conversations with these retailers 

Do you want to get into these retailers?

The first sale is easy. But you want Re-Orders!

LONG TERM SUCCESS begins with a strong PRODUCT.

  1. 1
    Start with the right product. It should be unique, profitable, and have proven customer demand.  This is how you get into the big leagues.
  2. 2
    Manufacturing should be at the best price while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines. You will learn how to source, how to negotiate, and how to manage your factory.  (While keeping your IP safe.) 
  3. 3
    Retail Packaging needs to be optimized for sales, shelf impact, product protection, and warehouse efficiency.  You will create packaging that converts shopper's eyeballs to money.  We have  award winning retail packaging experts waiting for you.  
  4. 4
    You will learn 'Sell-To' and 'Sell-Through' marketing,  how to build brand awareness, how to educate customers, and most importantly, how to increase profits. In the offline world, marketing is much more than PPC,  Facebook ads, and a mailing list.  At the same time you will be building out your supply chain, your financing, and logistics. Not sexy, but super important.
  5. 5
    SALES! You will learn how to sell to in-store retailers from independents, to big box stores. We'll show you how to build your sales force, how to meet buyers, how to pitch, and how to sell  while living across the world.  This is where things come full circle.  You'll discover that starting with the Right Product creates easy sales, high reorders, healthy margins, low competition, and strong profits.  But it must start with intelligent, profitable decisions at the beginning. Where it goes from here can be life changing. 

This is not a magic salve for poor performing FBA products. This is a proven methodology for building a product based company that supplies retailers all over the world - in stores and ecommerce.  This is how you how you create a serious business you can leave for your children, sell to private equity, or to M&A. This is the major leagues.

There is no other program like this. 

- This is not an FBA only approach to Amazon - Your products can be sold in stores or online without high PPC.

- This is not a sales only program - There are no commissions or promised of 'relationships' that will get you into retailers.*  You'll get products that sell, the knowledge to sell them, and a network of sales and retail reps if you want them.

- This is not product licensing - I'll happily introduce you to the best in the business. But it's not what we do.

- This is not a 'product development' program with engineers but minimal sales experience - Almost every one of those 'invention' and 'product development' companies make the bulk of their money by signing up clients.  It's so bad that almost every state has instituted specific consumer laws protecting people from those businesses. My job is to get you onto shelves with successful products. 

"The training and support will blow you away.  Steven is always there. There is no other course like this, and no other mentor like Steven"

-- Robert J.

Nashville USA

This is a high-touch program providing a combination of online classes, on demand business coaching, videos, and individualized attention while learning in a supportive family of fellow entrepreneurs.

$1,180 per month

Welcome to the Concierge Program

This is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs looking to transform their FBA gig into a full-blown, life-changing business.

We know that starting a product based business can be daunting, so our program provides a combination of online classes, self paced learning, videos, 1:1 coaching, renown experts, and individualized attention (a LOT of individualized attention) to help you succeed.

We offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs, and we provide the best possible support and guidance.

The Concierge Program provides you with step-by-step instruction for 1) identifying products that are intelligently differentiated, are profitable, and have proven customer demand, 2) designing and developing the products, 3) manufacturing them, and 4) getting them onto retailer shelves.

You’ll learn how to protect your IP, how to work with factories, and how to pitch to retailers. You’ll learn how to scale your hero product into a full product line, and you’ll learn the unsexy business side needed to make it successful. 

You'll get the guidance and advice whenever you need it. From me, and from our network of experts.  Packaging, engineering, customer-centric design, brand development, achieving high margins, sourcing, negotiating,  sales strategies, GTM, retailer sales, branding, financing, IP protection, product scaling, and much more. All coming from real experience and expertise. Think of the Concierge Program as your personal business coach.

Our program is purposely kept small to provide a family-like atmosphere that our entrepreneurs loveYou'll share real life experiences as fellow students make sales, exhibit at shows, face problems, celebrate successes, and take a huge leap surrounded by other entrepreneurs who "get it" and get you.

This is not FBA. There is no generic 'formula' and tools.  We teach you how to create your own self-sustaining business personalized for you. 

Most importantly, the Concierge Program works!  

This isn't a faux shortcut to riches. This isn't easy. We aren't here to brag - we are here to make profits. This program will change your life.

Don't wait. You deserve this.

$1,180 per month


Our program starts with intelligently differentiated, and unique products, with 1) proven customer demand and 2) high margins - and we build a brand around it. This allows you to sell across all of retail, from store shelves, to catalogs, to TV shopping, and on ecommerce platforms like Amazon.    

Every sale to a retailer is a revenue stream. The retailer buys your products, sells them, and buys more products. As you grow your line, the sales to the retailer increases.  Then the number of your products on the shelf increases, and as more retailers come on board, your growing portfolio of stores brings in exponentially more profits.  Ever increasing. That's the strength of a full brand selling across all retail.

In contrast, FBA is a transactional model. Each sale is a complete transaction. It's smaller and more limited, but that's not bad. In fact it's a great way to start.  If you are already selling on Amazon, then you have already learned many of the basics. That gives you more experience than 90% of entrepreneurs. If you are doing well on Amazon (it's not easy) then you deserve huge congratulations.  

But to be a big time company, you need to take your strategies and methods to the next level. You need to take off the training wheels. It all begins with the right product.  You have to move beyond keywords.  

It's not a side gig. We treat this as a business.  It takes commitment, and I will be at your side the entire way.

"Steven gives a hands-on approach. From the beginning of the concept of the product, to getting it in the stores."

-- Kim and Lance

Shark Tank Winners,  USA

Hello, I'm Steven Selikoff. 

I am a product guy. I love creating products and selling products. I've been doing it since 2001. My products have been sold online (Amazon Vendor and Amazon Marketplace), in catalogs, and in retailers all over the globe. They have been featured by the Today Show, Forbes, Paris Vogue, Good Morning America, and even included in the gift bags at the Oscars. 

In addition to developing products as an entrepreneur, I have been Global Business Manager at Microsoft for Worldwide Retail Sales & Marketing.  So I have learned this business from as many angles as possible.

Over the last few years I have also become an author and an international speaker, helping entrepreneurs all over the world.  

I would love to help YOU build and succeed with a product-based business that you too will love, and that will change your life.

* Be cautious of any agent who boasts that they have relationships with agents. Every major and Big Box retailer in the US has a simple rule for their buyers regarding relationships.  Buying based on a relationship is banned. They cannot even accept gifts. And they definitely cannot place a product into circulation based on a relationship.  Every new vendor must be approved by the buyers manager and must be justified and defended. That is why you leave a "pitch deck" with the buyer.  If a buyer is discovered including products into the store based on relationships, they will be fired. Therefore, any agent who promises to get you into big box stores based on their relationship with the store or buyer is lying. It may have worked that way 15 years ago, but not anymore.