Develop Unique Products

Sell to Big Box Retailers, Specialty Stores, and Ecommerce

Bring Inventions to Market, Prove Value, and Make More Money

Build  real business with real profits.

Selling your product B2B through RETAILERS can grow revenue 10X, and possibly 100X, greater than your revenue on Amazon and change your life!

But the most critical part of making money from products begins way before sales.

We teach you how. Step-by-step.

  1. 1
    You MUST start with the right product. It should be unique, profitable, and have proven customer demand.  You wil learn product evaluation and use decision gates to increase probability of success.
  2. 2
    Manufacturing should be at the best price while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines. You wil learn how to manage your factory remotely. (Very important during covid-19 travel restrictions.)
  3. 3
    Packaging needs to be optimized for sales, maximum shelf impact, product protection, and warehouse efficiency. Every graphic artist claims to do packaging but very few can. You wil learn how to tell the difference.
  4. 4
    You wil learn 'Sell-To' and 'Sell-Through' marketing to build brand awareness, educate customers, and drive sales. You are in the big leagues - marketing is much more than targeted Facebook ads.
  5. 5
    You wil learn how to sell directly to B2B retailers from independents to big box stores. We'll show you how to build your own sales force, get in front of buyers, and we'll prepare you to handle logistics from ASN's to EDI connectivity. See behind the scenes to real buyer interactions.

Hello, I'm Steven Selikoff

I am the author of the number one book about product development for entrepreneurs.

My products have been sold online, in catalogs, and in retailers. They have been featured by the Today Show, Forbes, Paris Vogue, Good Morning America, and have even been included in the gift bags at the Oscars. 

 I have lectured and taught across the globe, and I would love to help you build and succeed with a business that can change your life. 

What The Program Covers:

(67 Seconds)

Meet our Mentors and Experts:

A sneak peek mashup of guests, experts, and classes

(it's long but it's worth it)

Here are some comments from real entrepreneurs,

just like you, about their experiences.  

The 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses.

"The validation methods taught by Steven are totally different from the techniques taught by other similar programs, and in my experience are identical to the ones I have learned during my MBA course and implemented while preparing my dissertation thesis.

We are happy to say that Steven's Product Development Academy is the 'Purple Cow' among entrepreneurial courses."

Sam B.  //  Australia

Best investment you'll ever make.

"Steven Selikoff is the real deal.  His years of experience developing products and nurturing contacts in China are invaluable.  He's a fantastic and patient teacher. Steven gives you the courage to dream big and all the tools you need to succeed.  I enthusiastically recommend any opportunity you might have to learn from him.  It's the best investment you'll ever make."

Carol P.  //  USA

Pinnacle part of my business development ...

"Steven is an experienced, dedicated and patient mentor. He provides the utmost support and encouragement at all times. His experience is invaluable, and he shares whatever is required to help you succeed. He is an exceptionally caring person, so giving of his time. I feel so fortunate to have Steven's assistance as a pinnacle part of my business development process. He is a true gem."

Rachelle T.  //  Australia


Do you have questions?

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What is the program structure?

Product development Academy includes everything that is in my book, and much more.

The Masterclass covers fourteen weeks of videos plus weekly classroom sessions where we will discuss your progress, answer questions and roundtable with other entrepreneurs. Because the course pace is up to you, you can progress through the fourteen weeks at a faster, or slower, pace as you prefer.

-Fourteen weeks of classroom sessions

- Fourteen weeks of videos

- Individualized Learning Plan

- Interviews with experts and industry leaders

-Homework and assignments

- Four private 1:1 sessions

- Product Development Roadmap

- Product Development Checklist

- Access to our networks of recognized professionals

- Discounts on professional support services

You will learn how to identify unique winning products, validate customer demand, ensure profitability, design and engineer your product, identify factories, negotiate effectively, manage your factories remotely, and protect your business IP, establish supply chain / logistics, and build sales across all channels including independent retailers, chains and big box stores.

Click image to download Roadmap

How long is the program?

The Product Development Academy Masterclass lasts 14 weeks, but the program continues as long as you need it.

The course pace is up to you, so feel free to proceed at a faster pace or a slower pace. 

Frankly, there is a ton of detailed information, and my goal is to make sure that nobody gets overwhelmed or left behind.

At the end of the fourteen weeks, you are welcome to continue attending classroom sessions either as a regular alumni visitor, or an occasional drop-in.  The support will continue. There is no additional charge.

All I ask is that you respect that my primary focus will be on the current students until everybody’s questions are answered. Then after the current students are addressed, I will continue with alumni.

Currently there are two similar classroom sessions timed for convenience to North America and Australia. As the program grows, we will add more classroom sessions to keep them from getting too large.


What makes Product Development Academy different than other courses?

Our program is different than any other program available.

- The breadth and depth of detailed information is much greater than any other program, goes into more detail, and addresses the entire process from ideation to sales.

- Our presenters have years, and years of real life hands on experience.   No one here is 'reading one chapter ahead in the book.' No one here is going to say, "I've never done this before either, but pay me money and we'll do it together."

- The expansive number of topics covered is beyond any other program.

- The sharing of personal case-studies and real-life experiences makes our program unique and relatable. We share both successes and failures.

- The focus of the program is on B2B retailer sales rather than solely ecommerce

- We teach a unique product development process created specifically for entrepreneurs and which forms the core of The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design Development and Sales

-  Our program is committed to the personal attention and guidance of all participants. You won’t feel like just a number. Your needs, your goals, and your learning styles are respected. You will never feel alone or unsupported.

In our program you will learn things you probably were unaware of before. When you finish the program, you will have more knowledge than most other people in the product industry. Your suppliers will respect you and retailers will be comfortable working with you.

  • Product Development Academy is a concierge program that will teach you product ideation but not drop you after patenting, letting you fend for yourself or find a license deal.

  • We will teach you product sourcing but not let you get trapped between factories and trading companies.

  • We will teach you design but not force you to use us for prototyping (in fact we show you alternatives to expensive prototyping).

  • We’ll teach you how to protect yourself and your IP rather than letting you sabotage yourself with poorly crafted IP filings.

  • We teach you about sales across all channels, not just ecommerce.

  • We don’t jump in at just the sales part and let you try to succeed with a product that’s not profitable or has no demand.

  • We don’t ignore that sales goes hand-in-hand with marketing and we show you how one drives the other.

  • We treat this as a business and make sure you understand the importance of accounting and the business back end. 

In total, this is an entire college level program. If you have the commitment to succeed, we want to help you get there.


Is it live or video?

The course covers fourteen weeks of videos plus live weekly classroom sessions where we will discuss your progress, answer questions and roundtable with other entrepreneurs.

Because the course pace is up to you, you can progress through the fourteen weeks at a faster or slower pace as you prefer.

During the live classroom sessions we meet on Zoom.  

The classroom sessions are devoted to a new topic each week and is followed by discussion with each student to assess comprehension, answer questions, address any stumbling blocks, and celebrate successes.

Based on your progress you will either get a green light to continue to the next unit, or we will work through challenges together.


What happens when the program is over?

At the end of the fourteen weeks, you are welcome to continue attending classroom sessions either as a regular alumni visitor, or an occasional drop-in.

 The support will continue. There is no additional charge. All I ask is that you respect that my focus will be on the current students until everybody’s questions are answered.

Then after the current students are addressed, I will continue with alumni.

Are there other mentors?

The core team is myself and my two mentors Tim Bush and Dave Vaillancourt. Between us we have over fifty years’ experience creating and selling unique products.

We also have trusted professionals and top experts - some of which have been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, and the BBC, as well as recognized specialists you may already know.

Why is your course so expensive?

Yes the course is expensive.  And here is some bad news: The program will become even more expensive over the few months. The price is on a schedule of regular increases and is targeted to reach $10,000/person at the end of it's first year launch.

The good news: It is expensive because it is worth it.

There is a story about a company having problems with one of its critical pieces of equipment.

They called in a bunch of well-advertised repair services. They each tried to fix the problem. They all fundamentally did the same thing as each other. And they all failed.

Then the company called in an older, retired, engineer. He wasn't well known or flashy, but those who worked with him swore he was the best.


He walked around the machine, stared at it, walked around some more, stood in one place, took a piece of chalk from his pocket and carefully drew an X on a pipe about six feet up from the floor.

Then he picked up his wrench and tapped the spot gently three times in a row.

Without warning the machine rumbled and jumped back to life, running perfectly.

When the company got a bill for services, they were shocked to see that the old man had charged $6,000! The president himself got on his phone and called him.

"Why is this so much? All you did was tap your wrench. I saw you. It was nothing. I need an itemized bill" the president shouted.

The next day the company received an itemized bill.


The company paid the bill without comment.

That story perfectly illustrates why our program costs so much.

 - Our team brings more years of combined experience than any group providing anything even remotely similar. 

- The breadth of topics we cover are not taught in any other program. 

- What we teach is different than what you will see on Youtube channels and has years of proven success behind it.

- The product development process was cherry picked  from the proven methodologies used by major corporations and modified to be applicable to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It was developed by Product Development Academy and is not available anywhere else.

- The masterclass program was formed on the basis of giving product entrepreneurs all the information they need, from soup to nuts,  in a supportive format with personal attention.

- You’ll  get personalized attention, videos, expert interviews, in depth explanations of steps that might confuse you, compelling real life case studies, plus you get to connect and share with other product entrepreneurs on the same journey.

- You will learn important information that will help you avoid costly mistakes. The amount of money you save from mistakes will be much more than the money you spend.

The cost of the Product Development Academy Masterclass may seem high at first but ask our participants what the value of the program is, and you will quickly hear that it is worth much more than the price we are charging.

I hope you join us.

How many people are in each class?

As some people begin, others are finishing. But in general the goal is to keep the class small with a goal of no more than 10 active students per classroom session.

My goal from the inception of this program has been to give students my personal attention. As we grow, I will add additional classroom sessions.  If too many people seek to join, I will raise the price higher to throttle the number of participants, or create a waiting list.

Making sure ech person recieves  value is my highest priority.

Alumni are welcome back at any time, but their questions and issues will be handled after the active students.

Can I schedule a talk with you?


Schedule an appointment and we can talk. I’ll answer whatever questions you have. Questions are good. It means you are being thoughtful.

Let’s chat.

And if you feel you want to talk to one of our entrepreneurs we can arrange that too.

Is the Masterclass the same as the book?

The book is the basis of the courseware.

The masterclass includes everything in the book, PLUS much more.

You also get personalized attention, videos, expert interviews, in depth explanations of steps that might confuse you, real life case studies, and you get to connect, and share with other product entrepreneurs on the same journey.

The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Sales.

What topics are covered in the curriculum?

One of the most common descriptions of the course that we hear is that Product Development Academy fills in all the knowledge gaps that people did not even realize that they had. 

We are enormously proud of that and would love to list all the topics we cover. Unfortunately, we can’t.

There are just too many.

In the book, the topic list is compressed into the table of contents and span 18 pages.  So, we have the next best thing. A poster.

Click on the image to download a poster with an edited down version of the topics in the curriculum, placed into a sequential checklist that our entrepreneurs can use to chart out their progress.  

 It takes you through all the steps you need to be aware of as you create unique products that can bring you success. and ties those to the course units.

Will other students steal my idea?


You can share your product details in the group if you wish, or keep the information to yourself. It is your choice.

Regardless, every member has to sign a mutual NDA. 

Therefore, if someone tells the group confidential information, whatever you hear is protected and you cannot be shared. The same applies to information that you may talk about. 

This also protects me, since I am still, and primarily, a product guy, Becasue a Mutual NDA is signed, I  can freely talk about  my products knowing that each of you have signed an NDA. 

Why should I be selling through retailers? Isn't traditional in-store retail dead?

Amazon is  the most dominant platform in the online space; however, it is still very small within the entire world of retail. This applies even after covid-19! 

In April 2019, Jeff Bezos told his shareholders that Amazon accounted for 3.7% of US retail. You might be shocked by that small numbers since many Amazon fans like to cherry pick headlines. But these statistics are from Jeff Bezos himself.

In July 2020, Business Insider stated that Amazon grew by 20.1% due tothe pandemic. As a result, Amazon now has 4.4% of the US retail market after covid-19.  That’s large, but it still leaves the rest of the retail market full of opportunities for you to grow.. Despite widespread lockdowns, retail is NOT DEAD.

That means a product selling one hundred thousand dollars on Amazon could be selling ONE MILLION DOLLARS in a major retailer.


Amazon is a B2C platform. You sell to consumers. One sale equals one item. Wholesale (selling to retailers) is B2B. You sell to another business so one sale equals a lot of items. Sometimes quite a lot.

Retailers buy in bulk. And when their customers purchase your items, retailers then re-order. Depending on the retailer you will be talking about purchase orders by the pallet, or container load. That’s a big difference from selling one unit at a time.

Amazon is still a good way to sell. But when you grow, it will be just one of many sales channels. And it will be less devestating if you get a surprise suspension, or bad review on Amazon. You deal with it and continue.

Life is a lot simpler, and financially rewarding,  with multiple sales channels.

Why is scaling important?

If you have one successful product on Amazon, the best way to scale is to introduce more products within that niche. Build your brand. And launch variations on your original item. We have all heard this advice from multiple presentations at conferences and online. And it is absolutely true. A great way to grow.

But you are constrained. Being solely on Amazon limits your opportunities becasue there are no other similiarly sized platforms in commerce. 

In the retail world, there are many large retailers, and you can expand your success from one big box retailer to another to another. Imagine selling on multiple Amazons and being successful in each.

That is what happens when you sell to retailers.

For example, if you are successful in one drug store chain, other drug store chains will you’re your product too. CVS does not want their customers going to Rite-Aid to buy something they could have been selling themselves. And Rite-Aid does not want their customers going to Walgreens. Retailers do not want to miss out on a hot product their competitors are selling. This can quickly double or triple your sales.

Want more good news? You can expand internationally.

A successful product in the US, can also expand to Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, and other international markets. Each new country gives you an opportunity to build your brand, your product line, your customer base, and your revenues the same way you did in the US.

It doesn’t end there.

Change your packaging or design slightly and sell to other types of retailers, including specialty stores, independent retailers, and television shopping networks. You can grow by exhibiting at tradeshows or through online wholesale sites. You can even build your own sales force (we show you how.)

None of this requires that you give up Amazon. It is not a ‘one or the other’ situation. Amazon simply becomes one of many successful channels. All bringing in revenue.

Follow this path and your brand becomes a self-sustaining business. Providing for you, your family, and your team.

I am completely new. Is this for me?

Yes !

Allow me to share a story. I have a very specialized hobby. I blow glass. My passion about it outshines my skills, but I have a very patient instructor.  He enjoys teaching new glassblowers because, as he explains it, “they do not come to class with any bad habits, misinformation, or f-cked up shortcuts.”

I feel the same way. I love new students. You come with no bad habits or other problems.

I'm taking an Amazon FBA course. What is different about your course?

Many participants have taken, or are in the middle of, Amazon FBA courses.  The important thing is, you do not need to give up one for the other.

The FBA method (Often called the PL, or Private Label method) is based on identifying hot selling items, sometimes modifying them, and then selling them on Amazon and competing through better listings, better PPC strategy, etc. Courses teach you how to use research tools such as Jungle Scout or H10 to find products with strong selling results, buy them from suppliers, launch them, gain reviews, and so on.

Product Development Academy follows a different business model.

You begin with unique or highly differentiated products. You validate them through forward predictive methods (JS and H10, are backward historical methods), you work with factories rather than trading companies, you manage your factories, you have multiple avenues to scale, and you sell your products through multiple channels - Specialty Stores, Independent Retailers, and Big Box Stores as well as ecommerce such as Amazon.

The knowledge and methods you learn in Product Development Academy can certainly be used to boost your Amazon business and set you up with unique products without competitors. However, other than listing optimization, most of the FBA research methods, tools, purchasing shipping, and other processes don’t cross over to unique products and selling to retailers.

One program is steak, and the other is lobster. You can enjoy one, the other, or both. 😊

I already have an invention.  Can I just jump forward?

Absolutely. The program is perfect for you.

Launching a product is a risk and an investment. We will not only teach you about manufacturing and sales, but also the validation processes, profitability, IP protection (more than just a patent) and then, of course, marketing and sales.

Innovation is what drives advances in lifestyle and technology. I have been lucky enough to have been part of that when I was Global Business manager at Microsoft. It was amazing to be behind the scenes with inventions that resonate across both technology and consumer products. (Remind me to share some stories when we have a call.)

So simply, YES. As an inventor you are a great fit. I look forward to you joining us.

Is there a China Trip?

Details of the China trip will be posted after we pass the covid travel restrictions. The trip will focus on unique products, not Amazon FBA. This gives us a different perspective and some very cool opportunities. I don't want to give away secrets, but our trip will be unlike any other China Trip offered. 

Still wondering if this journey is for you?

Given me so much confidence...

"Steven is passionate about helping others to succeed and create new lives for themselves. I have found him to be a man of tremendous integrity and honesty. Steven possesses a vast wealth of knowledge on all aspects of selling into retail. I am glad to have him supporting me on my journey into retail as he has given me so much confidence that I will succeed."

Peter A.  //  Australia

Skills for a lifetime...

"My biggest win learning from Steven is his attention to details. He cares for us entrepreneurs and is going out of his way to help and give us the best support out there. I’ve learned from him the skills for a lifetime! He wants us to succeed."

Ana Marie D.  //  Canada

Are you looking for a real business with real revenue?

Are you looking to bring inventions and unique products  to market?

Are you looking to step beyond FBA?

We offer Three Options to take you to the next step in your career.

Personal Mentor

Let's develop your product together.

(For people who already have an invention or new product idea.)

Includes everything in the Masterclass PLUS:

We work together one on one with weekly sessions for six months. 

Together we take your product or invention every step to ensure profitability, quality manufacturing, and putting you in front of buyers. - giving you the best chance for success.

This program requires prior approval based on product assessment


Combination of online classes and 

individualized attention while learning in a supportive family of fellow entrepreneurs.

- Additional Courseware not included in book
- Fourteen weeks of classroom sessions
- Fourteen weeks of videos
- Individualized Learning Plan
- Interviews with experts and industry leaders
- Homework and assignments
- Case Studies
- Product Review and Evaluation
- Access to our networks of professionals
- Help with prototyping and sourcing
- Discounts on professional support services

Current price and discounts can be locked in with $1,200 deposit.

Coaching Session

55 minute personalized coaching session.

- Need help with one of the topics in the book?
- Do you want to know if you are ready for retail?
- Need a product assessment?

- Want to bring an invention to market?
- Have you been contacted by a retailer ordistributor?
- Do you need better pricing?

Coaching sessions include Product Differentiation, Customer Validation, Sourcing From China, Negotiation, Managing Factories, Sales to Retailers,  factory Management, Finding Unique Products, and much much more.


Jim Rohn 

Famous Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

It's important to learn from your mistakes, but it is BETTER to learn from other people's mistakes, and it is BEST to learn from other people's successes. It accelerates your own success.

Manufacturing Cost Reduction of 61.5%

"Steven has helped me at every stage. He has taught me you can save a lot of money by doing things correctly from the onset.  Last year I  was fortunate enough to have Steven teach me  negotiations with my supplier during the Canton Fair. Due to what he taught me in negotiations, I was able to reduce my cost from $18.79 to $7.24, a reduction of 61.5%.  He has continued to guide me and mentor me. I look forward to launching soon.  LEGEND!"

Lou G.  //  Australia


"Having Steven as my mentor for the past 6 months has been an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.  His wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in helping entrepreneurs to succeed is just priceless."

Kylie P.  //  Australia

Are you still wondering? Do you have questions? Click below to schedule a Free Consultation to talk about the program, talk about your product, or ask any question that I may help you with.