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April 2023

What is the canton fair

The Largest Exhibition of Factories and Suppliers In The World

Join us at the largest sourcing opportunity in the world

The Canton Fair is huge! It’s the size of three airports. Almost a half mile of exhibitors. The size of 217 football fields.

There are more products than you can possibly imagine. Products that your competitors do not have. At the Canton Fair you can see, touch, and examine potential products in person. You also get to see a variety of different options, so you can compare the quality of your sample compared across different factories. And of course, engaging with your supplier face-to-face builds trust and rapport, which helps you save money and makes the entire sourcing process simpler and smoother.

If you are serious about increasing your profit margins, lowering your product costs, finding a factory, understanding your supply chain, building a relationship, scaling your brand, and putting your business growth on steroids, there is nothing comparable to attending the Canton Fair. 

China is finally open.

The time for action is now!

Next Steps

What To Do Now...

Here is a list of things you can do now, and things you should wait to do.


1)  Register and place your deposit for the Canton Fair April 2023 Trip.

2) You will need a Passport and a COMMERCIAL Visa to enter China. Therefore, if you do not have a Passport apply for one now.

3) If you do not have a passport, get a passport now. If have a passport, check your expiration.  Make sure it is still valid and will be for at least 6 months after your expected entry date.

4) Get a Chinese Visa. If you have an existing Chinese Visa, confirm that it still can be used. Visas were suspended during Covid. China has announced they will be reinstated on March 15, but check to be sure. 

5) REGISTER FOR THE CANTON FAIR.  If you are not previously registered, you can register here. 

6) A Business Visa requires an invitation from a company inside China or from the Canton Fair. Be sure to register for the Fair to get your invitation. 


7) Do not arrange flights. Airlines are still contracting gate service at Chinese airports. We expect airfare prices will fall approximately March 15. Talk with me before purchasing tickets. Our China trip includes activities after the Fair and we do not know yet which of these are allowable under post-Covid restrictions. 

8) Do not arrange a hotel. We will all stay together at the same hotel with special rates for our group. We will not have details until regulations are clearer.


As you can see in the video below, there are many activities and optional side trips in addition to the Canton Fair itself.  

We do not know yet if there will be limits to the number of people allowed in travelling groups.  Therefore, we are limiting the registration to fifteen people until we know more. 

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You Will Save Money 

Typically, anyone who goes to the Canton Fair reports the same thing. Meeting and talking to your suppliers in person always results in lower prices.

The April 2023 Canton Fair will be significant because after Covid, suppliers will be eager to make deals.

In addition, as part of our program, you will learn how to negotiate with Chinese suppliers. First, you will learn negotiation in classroom training. Then you will visit a factory and gain a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes. At the fair you will shadow me and watch me negotiate with suppliers live, in person.  Finally, I will be available at any time to join you, to be at your side, and to aid you, when you negotiate yourself.

Just to make it easier, you’ll get a workbook filled with the questions to ask the potential supplier so that you won’t have to worry about remembering everything yourself.

[We’ll also give you an expense log, since the entire trip should be deductible from taxes]

A recording by a participant shadowing me during an actual negotiation at the Canton Fair before Covid. 

Your entire trip should be a tax deduction. We provide a journal to support you.

Our exclusive Canton Fair Workbook provides fill-in-the-blank guidance for supplier discussions and factory visits.

It has been 42 months since the last live Canton Fair.  

They are hungry for deals.

Unique Products? YES!

FBA Products? YES!

Whether you want unique products that you can sell in Retail, or if you are following the FBA method, or both, this program is for you!

The Canton Fair Trip is a high-touch program with personal attention and commitment to your success.

Your Coaches:

Steven Selikoff is respected across the world for guiding entrepreneurs through the entire process of Product Development and Sales to Retailers.

We will be joined by FBA Coaches who are legends in the world of Amazon FBA and ecommerce. These are real Sellers with real results and real expertise who will guide you through product choice, keyword analysis, and evaluation.

Whether you do FBA on Amazon, or Products for Retailers, this trip is for you.

Business is for those who are Bold.

Leave your competitors in your dust  


Canton Fair Trip Itinerary 

Prior to Canton Fair Trip 

April 3

Zoom Training – Trip Preparation.

Arrival - April 19

When you arrive at the airport you will be picked up and driven to the hotel.  This is your time to rest up. Relax. Adjust to jet lag.  Meet your colleagues, coaches, and other attendees.

Canton Fair Trip Begins

DAY 1, April 20

Enjoy a guided tour sightseeing in the third largest city in China.  Learn the history, experience the culture, and even learn some words and phases in Mandarin. 

We finish the day at our kick-off dinner.

DAY 2, April 21

A full day of training. Learn about sourcing, factories, shipping, and negotiation. Products need to be differentiated, and so do sourcing trips. This is where the differentiation begins.  You’ll be learning from real experts.  Learn about product choice from people who are selling products into stores as well as online. Learn about negotiation from factory owners. Learn about shipping from experienced, registered, freight forwarders.  

The day finishes with a boat cruise seeing the light displays of the buildings along the Pearl River.   

DAY 3, April 22

Tour Chinese Factories. See behind the scenes. Learn the four critical aspects to look for when you visit your own factories. See how internal quality is ensured and learn how you should address it within your own factories.  Learn firsthand about business culture. Learn how to see the things other people miss.

DAY 4, April 23

First day of the Canton Fair Phase 2.  Visit the Fair with experts at your side to explain what you see and guide you in your choices. See real negotiation with real factories in front of you.

Networking dinner with special guest

DAY 5, April 24

Continue your visit at the Canton Fair

Nightly Mastermind with FBA Masters, or Unique Product Masters. 

DAY 6, April 25

Continue your visit at the Canton Fair

Nightly Mastermind with FBA Masters, or Unique Product Masters.

DAY 7, April 26

Continue your visit at the Canton Fair

Nightly Mastermind with FBA Masters, or Unique Product Masters.

DAY 8, April 27

Travel to Yiwu (optional) to see the world’s largest Commodity Product Market.  This is where most products that you see on Alibaba are sold. See them and touch them in person. This is where you will find the best selection of new products for Amazon, and add-on products to expand your product line for stores.  (Flights not included)

[Alternative] Continue your visit at the Canton Fair

DAY 9, April 28

Meet your own personal translator and guide. Visit Yiwu with your guide.

Nightly Mastermind with FBA Masters, or Unique Product Masters. 

DAY 10, April 29

Visit Yiwu with your own personal translator and guide.

Return to Guangzhou.

DAY 11, April 30

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box - Learn about Packaging, Logistics, and Shipping

DAY 12, May 1

First day of the Canton Fair Phase 3

Nightly Mastermind with FBA Masters, or Unique Product Masters.

DAY 13, May 2

Continue your visit at the Canton Fair

Final Celebration Dinner  

DAY 14, May 3

  • Head home,

- or -

  • Continue your visit at the Canton Fair,

Following Canton Fair Trip

May 4 to May 10

  • Continue your visit at the Canton Fair Phase 3


  • Make appointments and visit the factories you meet at the Canton Fair with a professional to accompany you. (Add-on. Must be scheduled and arranged beforehand)


  • Tour trips to Shanghai, Beijing, Great Wall, or the Panda Preserve (Add-ons)

Drive Your Business Forward

...or stay in place.

The choice is YOURS.

Important Details

  • China requires a negative PCR covid test within 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • The trip does not include airfare, hotel (although we will arrange special hotel rates) or non-group event meals. 
  • Optional add-ons, such as factory visits and panda conservatory (if open) will be available at additional fees to be posted by March 10, 2023.  (click here for add-ons)
  • You are responsible for obtaining travel insurance, and Visa.
  • Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend the April 2023 Trip or if the Trip is canceled by the organizer, your payment will be carried forward to the next Trip in October 2023. If you are unable to attend the October 2023 Trip, or if that Trip is canceled by the organizer, you will get a full refund minus deposit.