Oct 21 - Nov 4, 2024

Early Registration closes June 30.  Place a deposit and reserve your spot now.

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See Why We Are Considered the BEST Canton Fair Trip

Learn how to sell to Retailers.

Visit factories.

Learn advanced level negotiation. Get lower prices, and better payment terms.

Visit Yiwu.

Visit a Certifications Lab.

VIP tour of the Port of Guangzhou

See an Actual Negotiation from Our Canton Fair Trip

We bring you exclusive experiences and training you won't get anywhere else.

See what attendees think about our China Trip

We saw savings of 30%-40%.  The cost of the trip is nothing compared to the savings. 

My family and friends said "You must be kidding me. You're learning from a Westerner!"

I learned how to negotiate with factories, and how to tell the good factories from the ones to avoid. 

Massive value. Steven showed us how to develop unique products that can also be sold in stores.  

Steven guides you through the entire process. Top to bottom. You could not Google search this stuff.  

Negotiating was cool, the Lab was cool, the Port was cool, but Brainstorming with Steven was even cooler. 

What is the canton fair

The Canton Fair is the Largest Exhibition of Suppliers In The World

The Canton Fair is huge! It’s the size of three airports. Almost a half mile of exhibitors. The size of 300 football fields. 

There are more products on display at the Canton Fair than you can possibly imagine. Products you've never seen. Products that your competitors do not even know about.

At the Canton Fair you can examine potential products in person. You can question suppliers. You'll see a variety of options, and you can compare the quality of your sample against other samples, and against other materials and different factories, in real time. All without the wait or cost of FedEx.

Even better, you can distinguish between trading companies and factories much easier when you engage them directly. 

Of course, talking with your supplier face-to-face builds trust and rapport, which helps you save money and makes the entire sourcing process simpler and smoother ....and less expensive!

We Take Care Of You

Our program includes transportation to the Canton Fair, transportation from the airport, and transportation to all events.  You have access to experts whenever you need it, including at the Fair, at no additional charge. 

The Canton Fair is the largest exposition space in the world. We don't want you feeling lost or overwhelmed. We don't want you confused because you do not speak Chinese. We take care of you from the moment you are met at the airport.

We have the most incredible, respected, and supportive coaches anywhere. 

We give you Two Trip Choices to fit your budget and we give you the same support, guidance, and attention no matter which option you choose.

If you are serious about increasing your margins, lowering your product costs, finding a factory, understanding your supply chain, building relationships, scaling your brand, and putting your business growth on steroids, there is nothing comparable to attending the Canton Fair. 

We Give You Much More Than Just Sourcing

The Canton Fair is unmatched for sourcing new products and finding factories, but there is more to do, and to learn for your business, than only attending the Fair. 

We also include: 

  • Classroom Training
  • VIP Factory Visits and Training
  • Canton Fair Tour
  • Support and Guidance at the Canton Fair
  • Learn  how to negotiate price, and terms, and quantity
  • Learn China Business Law and the best ways to protect your IP in China from Experts
  • Training on How To Sell To Retailers
  • A optional Trip To Yiwu - The Largest Commodity Product Market in the world 
  • A personal guide and translator at Yiwu
  • Exclusive Networking and Dinners with Professionals who will accelerate Your business
  • VIP Tour of The Port Of Guangzhou and learn how to avoid shipping scams
  • Exclusive visit to one of the top rated Certifications Laboratories in Guangzhou 
  • Visit a Packaging Factory
  • 100% Attention And Guidance Whenever You Need It At No Additional Charge

We give you MORE experiences, MORE learning, MORE attention, and MORE exclusive content than any other Canton Fair Trip. 

People who have been selling for years, come back after our program saying that their business has changed. Even successful veterans learn new techniques and new methods they have never seen before.

This will trandform your business and your life forever.


Which Experience Fits Your Budget Best? 

Our Mission is to provide a supportive knowledgeable worry-free experience. During our trip you will meet and network with people who will grow your business. You will have hands-on experiences and training that will advance you far ahead of your competitors.  You will have VIP access to areas, places, and factories that most Chinese never have. Every day builds your business, and every day is packed with value.

However, we realize that sometimes budgets get in the way of necessity. 

The SILVER version,  for tighter budgets, includes five days at Phase Two of the Canton Fair, classroom training, factory visits, and exclusive networking and VIP visits.

The GOLD version  is our most popular choice. It includes five days at Phase Two of the Canton Fair, a day of classroom training, a day of factory visits, PLUS four days at Phase Three, the How To Sell To Retailers workshop, a visit to a Certifications Lab, a Packaging Factory, and ALL of the exclusive networking and VIP visits you won't get anywhere else.  Of course you get full support and access to myself and world class coaches throughout. 

Optional Add-Ons include:

  1. I will accompany you on a personalized visit to your factory to help you negotiate, resolve issues, or evaluate the supplier.   
  2. A two-day visit to Yiwu, the home of the world's largest Product Commodities Market  

We will be staying at the beautiful China Hotel in Guangzhou. It is a 5-star hotel with spacious rooms and a restaurant that serves both Western and Chinese food.  

You will be personally met at the airport upon your arrival, and you will have full access to coaches throughout your stay. We have a well-deserved reputation for holding your hand and helping you succeed.


October 21 - October 27

$4,465 per person

$3,999 early registration

$1,500 deposit to hold your spot

Early Registration ends June 30

(Partner Prices are available)

  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Pre-trip Prep. 
  • Help with Invite Letter, applying for Visa, and Registration
  • PRD and Product Spec forms to help you prepare
  • Personally met at the Airport and driven to the Hotel
  • Classroom Training
  • VIP Factory Group Visit
  • Pearl River Cruise
  • 5 Days at Phase Two
  • Mentoring, Guidance, and Masterminds throughout
  • Transportation To and From the Canton Fair facilities
  • Help with Sim card and Chinese Bank Account (Visa regulations apply)
  • The Canton Fair Workbook (also available on Amazon)
  • Group Event Meals
  • VIP and Networking events
  • VIP Tour of Warehouse and Guangzhou Port
  • Personalized attention and help

Early Registration closes June 30.  Place a deposit and reserve your spot now.

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You missed out!

Discount Ending Soon

Real Results from Real Participants

"We were able to break misconceptions from other learnings from the past.   Definitely learned things I wasn't aware of, that other courses never mentioned. Very beneficial." - Ryan from Australia

See the products he created after visiting China with us in April 2023. - Top Boats and Toys from the Boat Show

Do you want results like this?

Techniques You've Never Seen or Learned Before

We shadowed Steven as he negotiated. We could see his body language. We were at a factory yesterday. We did exactly what Steven did, and brought the price down 30%. 

Your Coaches

Steven Selikoff Product Development Academy

Steven Selikoff has had products sold through Amazon 1P and 3P, in Independent & Specialty retailers, and in Big Box stores across the country. He holds four patents and his products have been featured on every major morning show from the Today Show to Fox Business News, in newspapers and in magazines ranging from USA Today to Forbes to Vogue and were even in the gift bags at the Oscars.

Steven was formerly Global Business Manager for Microsoft Worldwide Retail Sales & Marketing, and has taught and has lectured on Negotiation, Product Development, and Selling to Retailers all over the world including India, Hong Kong, China, and Australia. He is the author of The COMPLETE BOOK of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing & Sales, which has sold over 60,000 copies, and is now used as a textbook in a major university.

Steven has been visiting factories, negotiating prices, and resolving problems in China since 2005. He has been attending the Canton Fair since 2012.

Paul & Rachelle Baron - Influx Catalysts

Paul and Rachelle are founders of Influx Catalysts, where they are leveraging years of hands-on experience working with influencers through their Beau and Belle Littles brand. Influx Catalyst’s mission is deeply rooted in their genuine passion for nurturing entrepreneurship. The firm is all about crafting brand narratives, forging impactful creator partnerships, and propelling brand awareness and sales with unparalleled efficacy.

More To Be Announced

It doesn't stop here. We have more VIP Coaches who will be announced soon.

Talented experts that will help you make your business even better! PLUS we have alumni from previous trips coming back. They will be with us at the same hotel, and mingling with you whenever you want to talk to someone who has 'been there and done that." 

Once you are part of our group, you are family.

A word about our coaches - The coaches on our China Trip are chosen because of their credibility, experience, and knowledge.   They are not sponsors who pay to attend and to pitch their services. The same applies to our networking and experts. They are all here because they are recognized experts and sincerely want to help you succeed.  

The Old Way filled with Old Methods

Unchanged from the ASM training from 2014

Other China Trips offer the same tired methods and information everyone has given for years.  Copied from ASM in 2014 and all over YouTube. Including the same old myths, and mistakes. 

All the other China trips teach the same things as each other. 

They try to dress it up differently but they are the same underneath. So instead of powerful new information, they sell you on networking, and promote their service providers and paid sponsors. They hope the unbelievable experience of the Canton Fair will make you forget that they offer nothing else. 

Some even promote a 'tour-like' experience at the fair and hope you find value in figuring it out on your own surrounded by other equally inexperienced people.  (Sounds fun, but they forgot that you're here for business.)

  • Visit Canton Fair 
  • Mastermind 
  • Party
  • Visit a Factory 
  • Tourist visit to Port
  • Tourist visit to Lab



Our China Trip gives you the latest trends and methods in a fully immersive learning environment, with strategies that put you ahead of your competitors and on a WINNING path.

We don't merely visit locations as a tourist, the unique experiences and locations you visit are incorporated into in-depth training that is only possible from years of authentic experience.

  • Classroom Training 
  • Chinese Business Traditions 
  • Business Protocol 
  • Factory Visits 
  • More Factory Visits 
  • Tour Canton Fair 
  • Shadow Negotiations 
  • Mastermind 
  • Chinese Business Law 
  • Visit Port of Guangzhou 
  • Yiwu (optional)
  • Learn about Shipping 
  • IP protection (included with Business law)
  • Learn TikTok 
  • Quality Control from Factory to Inspections 
  • Certification and Safety Labe
  • How To Sell To Retailers Workshop 
  • Retail-Ready Packaging 
  • 1:1 Support When Needed 
  • Brainstorming Sessions 
  • Amazing Mentors and Coaches 
  • Meals, and Transportation 
  • Party

The true value is the impact on your products, business, and life.


Are You Still On The Fence? 

Suppliers are eager to make deals. You simply need to know the right way to negotiate with them.

In our program, you will learn how to negotiate with Chinese suppliers. First, you will learn negotiation in safe classroom training before the Fair. Then you will visit a factory to understand what happens behind the scenes. At the fair you will shadow me and watch me negotiate with suppliers live, in-person.  

You'll also learn how to negotiate MOQ's and payment terms.

After you finish the classroom training on negotiation, the factory visit, and shadowing me, you will be able to negotiate on your own. However,  I will be available at any time to join you, to be at your side, and to aid you, if you need my help.

Want one more reason to join us? In this trip we talk about PROFITS, not just sales.  Think about that.

Your entire trip should be a tax deduction. That means, if you do this correctly with your accountant, the trip will be virtually free. We provide a journal to support you. 

Our exclusive Canton Fair Workbook provides fill-in-the-blank guidance for supplier discussions and factory visits. Use this when you talk with suppliers so that you won’t have to worry about skipping important questions or forgetting information after the Fair.

We've gone well above what other courses do. ...Gave me all the tools and education I need to succeed.

- Charlotte from Australia

As a teacher I recognize that it is more than just the places we visit. It is the years and years of experience and knowledge that Steven brings to the table. 

Total Slots


Slots Remaining


Detailed Itinerary

(Apologies. We have recently been informed that a famous influencer has been copying our itinerary and pretending they are the same as us. We are now forced to keep our itinerary private. 

If you would like details about our trip, what you will do and learn, and what places you will visit, please click the button below and set up an appointment to chat. 

Or simply ask anyone who has attended one of our trips in the past. They will all tell you that our trip is more than visiting locations like a tourist,. Our program is built on life-changing knowledge and content.)


  1. I will accompany you on a personalized visit to your factory to help you negotiate, resolve issues, or evaluate the supplier.
  2. A two-day visit to Yiwu, the home of the world's largest Product Commodities Market

(Registration for Add-Ons will begin September  1, 2024)

Important Details

  • The trip does not include hotel, airfare, or non-group event meals. 
  • Arrival should be no later than October 20. 
  • Optional add-ons, such as city tours, additional factory visits, Yiwu, and panda conservatory (if open) will be available at additional fees to be posted by September 1, 2024.  Consider additional activities and tourism when setting flight dates.
  • You are responsible for obtaining travel insurance, and Visa.
  • Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend the October 2024 Trip or if the Trip is canceled by the organizer, your payment will be carried forward to the next Trip in April 2025. If you are unable to attend the April 2025 Trip, or if that Trip is canceled by the organizer, you will get a full refund minus deposit. Deposit balance is due 30 days after deposit paid.